Duties and Taxes when sending Couriers To India

India is a land of rules, rules and more rules. To make matter more complicated, we then have to deal with roles, titles and big egos across the entire bureaucracy. This makes it hard when sending parcels, gifts and excess baggage to India either for your loved ones or when you are returning back to India.

Fortunately, you have Couriers To India watching your back to ensure your items are delivered in India in the shortest possible time after completing all formalities for customs and other clearances.

There are two main modes of clearances available in India

  • Courier Mode
  • Cargo Mode also synonymous with Personal Baggage Mode

In the Courier Mode, the sender and receiver are not the same and your Courier is treated as an item sent from one person to another. This means your package will be taxed at the prevailing customs rate without any duty free allowance.

The Cargo Mode is for those who are returning back to India after staying abroad for a significant period of time. Expatriates who have lived overseas and are returning back to India either for a short term or permanent period can avail of this mode of clearance. However, to avoid abuse of this method, Customs Department will have to identify you in person at their clearance station. This is either done by calling you in personally for verification or asking you to send only your passport for verification. Most often, if you are not in the same city as the customs office or depot, you will be asked to send in your passport thus saving you a trip to the Customs Department in India.

All through the process, there will be someone to assist you and ensure that your courier is cleared easily. Also, should you be called to attend in person, your courier will be delivered to your door the following day thus saving you the trouble of taking it back home with you on the day of clearance.

As always, we are available to answer any queries you may have and look forward to sending your Couriers To India from anywhere in New Zealand.

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