To courier or not to courier to India

Very often we are asked if sending couriers to India is safe. We are then asked how much would it cost and how long would it take to send Couriers To India.

This has three basic questions all rolled into one:

  • Is it safe
  • What are the costs
  • How long will it take to be delivered

Couriers To India cares for safety

At Couriers To India, we take great care in ensuring that your package is delivered safely to the receiver in India. However, despite telling customers to pack their items securely, they often depend on the courier companies to handle their baggage and boxes cautiously. Now imagine if your package is at the bottom of the Cargo Bin and a number of heavy items are stacked over it. Not only will the packaging be subjected to pressure but it also has the added stress of fitting into a standardised Cargo Bin. We often tell our clients to pack their excess baggage into rigid cardboard boxes with at least 8cm of packaging around fragile items. This will ensure that their parcel can withstand the shock and multi point handling through its journey to India.
Even for us as a business, it is disappointing when customers call in advising that their contents have been damaged in transit – it not only defeats our purpose of ensuring that their Couriers To India is delivered safely but also upsets the receivers in India that their loved ones have spent their hard earned money in sending the items from New Zealand.

Couriers To India organises the pick up and delivery all in one low price

Couriers To India is a service provider where we scout the safest and cheapest way of sending couriers to India. Our prices are for pick up and delivery but do not include Duties and Taxes.
Parcels and gifts sent using Couriers To India do not include duties and taxes as it is hard to ascertain their valuation for customs purposes. Also, each entry point for Couriers To India is dependant on the assessing customs officer who may request the package to be inspected or opened for physical verification. Hence, it is often a draw of the luck in terms of your package held for customs clearance.

In light of the above points, two things are essentials to note:

  • Packaging your items securely in a good box will ensure safer delivery
  • Customs and Duties are not part of the costs

If you are moving back to India, make sure you tell us about your move to enable us to assist you with multiple options in having your package delivered to India at a cheaper price and lower customs duties. There may be a bit more leg work required but hey, if you are saving your hard earned money there should be no complaints.

Couriers To India is one of the fastest Couriers To India from New Zealand

Most often our packages including documents are offloaded into India within 2 days. Incase, the freight has missed a connecting flight it would be wise to add an extra day. So all in all, it would take a maximum of approx. 3 days for your freight to reach India. The grief starts once it is lodged into Customs for clearance and the officers may take time to provide clearance of the package. This process is out of our control and can take upto 5 days for clearance. In some cases, it could take up to 45 days if the officer is not satisfied that the good are for personal use or have contrabands present in the package. This could lead to a personal hearing scheduled by the customs officer with the receiver or the package confiscated for importation of banned or prohibited items.

At Couriers To India we are committed in providing excellent customer service at an affordable price. We look forward to flying your Couriers To India from anywhere in New Zealand using world-class solution providers.

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