Reliable And Affordable Delivery Services That Is What We Offer

When it comes to a courier service no two days are the same, especially when dealing with items being sent abroad, usually if people abide by the requirements; suitable packaging, labelled correctly as many details as possible given, there are going to be no delays, unless of course the timing is off and the flight is missed! (No one can be held accountable for this!) The weather plays no part, come rain, hail, shine or snow that plane is taking off and with your packages safely in cargo (I say safely that is so long as the packaging is correct after all your little bowl of glass could  be at the bottom of today’s cargo!)

Parcel Delivery Services

More often than not, it will take approximately 72 hours for parcel delivery services to get your packing to the correct country, in this case for it to be received at the customs office in India when sent from any of the three depots in New Zealand; Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  Here is where the fun begins, for many of us we send our items with all the required information (and what we say on the label is what we have packed). There are however, some people who forget the importance of the smaller details and sometimes if the information looks suspicious or does not meet all the requirements it can take anything from 5 to 45 days for customs to examine and release the items.

For some people the delay might be an inconvenience however it shows the dedication and efficiency that Couriers to India provide.

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