Go Cheap On Price And Not On Quality

low rate high quality

The most affordable courier to use when sending parcel to india is CourierstoIndia, they might be the cheapest in price but they are not cheap when it comes to customer service. Not only do they offer cheap courier to India, they also offer like for like quotes from other companies. In most cases the item can be collected, at a time and place convenient to you, sent over 7,365 miles and received by the recipient in under a week, that’s some good going!

All companies use the same process and same cargo planes, so why pay more for the same service that is being offered for a more affordable price? Tracking details are available with all items sent, this enables yourself and the recipient to be able to see where exactly the packages are. Sometimes, at the other side there might be delays in customs, (this can be down to people not filling out correct paper work and saying they are sending a bowl when the parcel looks suspiciously like an elephant!) However, so long as everything is packed appropriately and the paperwork is all in order there will be no delays, should there be any, you can expect the items to be released in anything from 5 to 45 days time and all for the same price, more often than not we want more for our money, when it comes to postal services we want speed.

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