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No matter how big or small the freight maybe, weather it is regular shipping or a one off letter, the same level of care and customer or service is given. When it comes to sending a letter or courier to India there are the obvious and boring customs and security checks to be completed (this is the only time there some delays might occur). To prevent any delays ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly and that all packaging is intact and everything is appropriately wrapped. (This will save a lot of time on the other side as delays can be anything up to 45 days!)

When a parcel is traveling 7,500 miles to India there is some responsibility on the senders behalf to ensure the correct packaging. (You never know where in the cargo your item is going to be!  Top, middle or bottom?)When it comes to customer service and price you pay there is a dramatic difference, the price is low, and the level of customer service is high.

Weather you are sending or receiving the package, you will be able to track the items with a unique code that enables you to see exactly where your package is. Come rain or shine, hail or snow, there will be a driver available to come and collect from your door at a time convenient to yourself and to ensure it is safely delivered in India. There are no other competitors that offer the same level of customer care for the prices available.

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