Sending A Parcel? We Never Delays To Deliver

sending a parcel

With over 200,000 Indians living in New Zealand, it goes without saying that often many want to send gifts parcels and letters home to relatives and friends. There is now a specialist company ‘Courier to India’ that offer a door to door service. We as cheap courier to india, uses partners such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT to ensure that your package and parcel is sent with care and from door to door.

The customer service offers wonderful support, and the pricing cannot be beat, price matching is also available, no matter what the worlds elements throw at us, there will always be someone available to come and collect from a location and time that is suitable for yourself, and to put everyone at ease and to be able to track their packages, a unique tracking number will be given, so everyone can see every step of the way where the parcel is up to.

There are never usually any delays in sending a parcel, letter, package or large haul, the problems usually occur at the other side when paper work does not match up to parcel or incorrect details are given it is the customs office that might hold up the delivery process. To ensure this is not a problem for you, just simply fill out all the details correctly and honestly.

Christchurch is one of 3 main cities in New Zealand where a depot can be found, they offer reliability, consistency, efficiency and will not be beaten on price.

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